Prof. Univ. Dr. Lenuta Alboaie

Lenuța Alboaie

iTransfer Director, Prof. PhD

Faculty of Computer Science, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University from Iași


Lenuta Alboaie is Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași.  In the last  fifteen years, she has been involved in various scientific events/research projects/entrepreneurial initiatives, establishing a straight and stable connection between the academic and the business environment. Organizational skills and competences are enhanced through her Director of  Computer Science Doctoral School position (from 2020) or the Vice-Dean position at the Faculty of Computer Science (2013-2020). She has coordinated and has been involved in events such as:  IT Summer Internships Program , ITC2FII, BringITOn, InnovationLabs. As research domains, she has scientifically contributed to: distributed systems (cloud computing), trust and reputation in social networks and semantic Web. The research results have been published in more than 70 publications (books or journals and volumes of national/international conferences). Also, she was involved in 18 research/ structural /mobility and cooperation projects. Moreover, she is a member of many international and national program committees of well-known organizations or scientific events. Besides, Lenuta Alboaie has been a promoter of Women in STEM, therefore, she is the co-founder of WITchIS – Women in Information Technology of Iasi ,  IVLP 2019 Alumni & Romanian representative in Empowering Women in STEM – Hidden No More, United States Of America, State Department, International Visitor Leadership Program, 2019 or member of COST – CA19122 – European Network For Gender Balance in Informatics (EUGAIN)