Module 3 : Web-development


  Course for industry, software engineers

 Course duration: 3 weeks (18 hours)

  Online teaching

  Language: English

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About this course

Specific Skills Acquired: Students of the course will gain experience of interaction with relational and NoSQL databases, implementation of classic web applications, as well as REST API, and asynchronous programming based on modern Python web frameworks.

General Objectives: This course discusses the basics of web application development, including REST API using popular web frameworks. The course covers both traditional web programming and asynchronous, in particular the FastAPI framework.

Course content

  • Architecture of web-application
  • Flask web-framework
  • HTML rendering, form processing
  • PEP249, access to relational databases
  • Simple frontend using Bootstrap/HTMX
  • ORM SQLAlchemy
  • JSON Serialization with Marshmallow
  • JWT authentication
  • Testing with pytest
  • C10K problem
  • Multithreaded socket server
  • Socket server based on event loop
  • Coroutines
  • Async/await, awaitable objects
  • REST API with FastAPI