The Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science, University of Craiova

The Artificial Intelligence Group

  1. Image processing with deep learning (classification, segmentation, uncertainty, explainability)
  2. Numeric and textual data processing with deep learning
  3. Natural language processing
  4. Knowledge-based systems
  5. Negotiation techniques in multi-agent systems

MembersConf. dr. Costin Boldea, Conf. dr. Mihaela Colhon, Conf. dr. Ruxandra Stoean, Conf. dr. Cătălin Stoean, Conf. dr. Smaranda Belciug, Lect. dr. Claudiu Popîrlan, Asist. dr. Irina Tudor

The Big Data and Data Base Group

  1. Mathematical models and efficient algorithms for big data
  2. Data Mining
  3. Identification and development of standards for the exposure of WEB services
  4. Extracting and retrieving information from structured and semi-structured data

MembersConf. dr. Mirel Coșulschi, Conf. dr. Ruxandra Stoean, Conf. dr. Cătălin Stoean, Lect. dr. Mihai Stancu, Lect. dr. Mihai Gabroveanu, Lect. dr. Claudiu Popîrlan

The Cryptography Group

  1. Optimizations of mathematical models used in Cryptology
  2. Particular spaces defined by supersingular elliptic curves with applications in ECC
  3. ECC-based authentication models; asymmetric keys based on bio-identifications

Members: Conf. dr. Nicolae Constantinescu, Asist. dr. Oana Țicleanu

The Data Communications and Cloud Computing Group

  1. Traffic routing optimization
  2. Securing communication infrastructures
  3. Resource management by streamlining task planning
  4. Power quality monitoring strategies using multi-agent systems and communication protocols
  5. Development and implementation of distributed algorithms on Cloud-Computing platforms

Members: Prof. dr. Daniela Dănciulescu, Conf. dr. Nicolae Constantinescu, Conf. dr. Mihaela Colhon, Conf. dr. Cristina Popîrlan, Lect. dr. Claudiu Popîrlan, Lect. dr. Gabriel Stoian, Asist. dr. Irina Tudor, Asist. dr. Oana Țicleanu

The Applied Statistics Group

  1. Dynamics and analysis of international conflicts
  2. The role of strategic value chains in the process of growth, convergence and structural changes using information technologies
  3. Models of growth and innovation in the economy, business and society
  4. Statistical analysis of data

Members: Prof. dr. Daniela Dănciulescu, Conf. dr. Costin Boldea, Conf. dr. Cristina Popîrlan, Conf. dr. Smaranda Belciug, Asist. dr. Cristian Dinu, Asist. dr. Oana Țicleanu