Research Directions within the West University of Timișoara

The Big Data Applications and Data Analysis Group

  • Accelerating applications on clouds and HPC
    • Graph processing
    • Astronomy image processing and object detection
    • Satellite-based image processing
    • Smart grids
  • Hybrid processing on clouds, IoT, and HPC
    • Mixing GPUCPU, edge devices, and clouds for optimizing execution of large scale distributed applications
  • Scheduling algorithms for distributed systems
    • Optimal and suboptimal heuristics with energy, cost and execution constraints

The Computational and Applied Mathematics Group

  • Qualitative and quantitative aspects of Dynamical Systems (time-delayed systems, impulsive systems, fractional-order systems)
  • Simulation of fractional-order systems using HPC
  • Analysis of nonlinear and chaotic phenomena in: fractional-order neural networks models, complex-valued neural networks
  • Applications of the theory of dynamical systems to: medicine, neuroscience, aerodynamics, economy

The Applications of Machine Learning in Earth Observation Group

  • Application of advanced computational techniques for Earth Observation problems
  • Big Data Processing platforms (processing of massive Earth observation data)
  • Machine Learning algorithms in Remote Sensing

The Theory of Computing Group

  • Algorithms and Computational Complexity
  • Agent-based models, game theory and complex networks
  • Symbolic computation
  • Unification and matching
  • Constraint logic programming
  • Proof-based algorithm synthesis

The Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, and Internet of Things Group

  • Exascale Data Processing
  • Monitoring data-intensive applications
  • Portability in Clouds and open source Platform as a Service
  • Cloud resources management and self-organization in heterogeneous cloud
  • Data-intensive applications
  • Ontologies for Cloud services
  • Cloud governance
  • HPC service exposure in the Cloud
  • Empirical software engineering for cloud-based applications

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group

  • Multi-agent approaches and recommender systems:
    • health monitoring and healthcare systems
    • customer-relationship management
  • Machine learning techniques for:
    • knowledge extraction from data (medical, biological, financial)
    • intrusion and anomaly detection
    • prediction for auto-scaling of resources in distributed systems
  • Metaheuristic algorithms for:
    • scalable cloud resource allocation
    • model inference and parameter estimation in biological systems
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence