Research directions within the Faculty of Computer Science Iași

Applied Distributed Systems (ADS)

The leader of the ADS group
Prof. PhD. Lenuta Alboaie

The ADS Research Group brings together researchers and practitioners who aim to conduct research and apply it to real-world systems.The research directions approached are the following: distributed systems, cloud architectures, security and privacy aspects in public, private or hybrid clouds, service composition (orchestration, choreography); paradigms and cloud programming models; cloud DevOps; event-based distributed systems.

Members: Anca Ignat, Emanuel Onica, Andrei Panu, Mircea Vaida, Cătălin Damian, Sinica Alboaie, Nicu-Cosmin Ursache, Ştefana Teodora Vasilache (see web page for the complete list).

Artificial Intelligence and the use of new technologies for improving life quality

Prof. PhD Adrian Iftene

Artificial intelligence
1. Credibility of resources available on the Internet
2. Identifying false information within social networks
3. Image processing in the medical field

Using new technologies to improve the quality of life (with eLearning and medical applications)
1. Augmented reality and virtual reality
2. Interaction using voice, gestures and eyes

Formal Methods in Software Engineering (FMSE)

The leader of the FMSE group
Univ. Prof. PhD Dorel Lucanu

The FMSE Group develops methods and tools with which programmers can apply math-based demonstration techniques for software development.
The use of formal methods helps to discover inconsistencies, lack of completeness and ambiguity in the design of a system or language.
The aim of the group is to apply formal methods in an automatic way. The strengths are the use of algebraic specification theory, logic and rewriting techniques.

Members: Ștefan Ciobâcă, Andrei Arusoaie, Andreas Chelsău, Radu Mereuţă

Cryptography and Information Security (C-IS)

The leader of C-IS and Petri Nets groups
Univ. Prof. PhD Ferucio Laurențiu Țiplea

The Cryptography and Information Security group focuses on various theoretical and practical aspects of cryptography and information security, such as: cryptographic primitives, cryptographic protocols and symbolic verification of cryptographic protocols, computational number theory related to cryptography.

Members: Sorin Iftene, Ioana Leahu, Anca-Maria Nica

Petri nets

The Petri Nets Group focuses on theoretical and practical issues raised by the analysis of Petri nets and workflow networks in the context of their use in modeling distributed systems.

Members: Ioana Leahu

Web of Science Group

The leader of the Web of Science group
Conf. Univ. Phd Sabin-Corneliu Buraga

The research group is composed of a team of young researchers and students, coordinated by Dr. Sabin-Corneliu Buraga (laureate of the Romanian Academy). The group was founded in 2000. The group's work focuses on various issues based on or related to Web Science - from studying the actual interactions between users and applications (web, mobile, physical, ubiquitous,...) to knowledge management and architecture of complex software solutions using methodologies, standards, languages ​​and web tools (semantics).

Members (from industry and research): Ciprian Amariei, Elena Creangă (PhD student), Dr. Octav Dospinescu, Alecsandru Grigoriu, Dr. Andrei Panu, Dr. Cosmin Vârlan

Machine Learning and Applications to Bioinformatics (MLB)

The leader of the MLB group
Conf. Univ. PhD Liviu Ciortuz

This research group focuses on the design and implementation of machine learning tools and their use to solve various problems, especially in the biomedical area (e.g. detection of micro-RNAs, classification of mRNA samples from allergic / non-allergic patients), in collaboration with Dr. Victor Turcanu of King's College, London. In the past, I applied machine learning techniques to detect computer viruses (in collaboration with BitDefender). We also worked on the detection of structural variations in NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data, in collaboration with the Genscale team from INRIA (Brittany, France).

Members: Aurelian Tutuianu, Oriana Oniciuc

Matrix Computations and Statistics (MCS)

The leader of the MCS group
Conf. Univ. PhD Cristian Gațu

This research group investigates and develops computationally intensive numerical strategies for estimating large statistical and econometric models. Particular interest is given to large issues that require a robust design and fast procedures.
The group is part of the ERCIM Computational and Methodological Statistics working group, which now has over 1600 members; it organizes an annual conference and uses Elsevier Econometrics and Statistics as its official publication medium.

Members: Mircea-Ioan Coșbuc

Evolutionary Computing in Optimization and Data Mining (ECODAM)

The leader of the ECODAM group
Univ. Prof. PhD Henri Luchian

The main research directions of the group are: the development of metaheuristics for solving complex optimization problems, the development and application of learning techniques dedicated to exploratory data analysis and predictive analysis by classification and regression, specific methods dedicated to big databases (big data), detection of malicious programs, hybridization of evolutionary algorithms with specific methods of machine learning.
The group annually organizes a traditional summer school, ECODAM, which addresses doctoral students in Computer Science or related fields.

Members: Mihaela Breabăn, Dragoș Gavriluţ, Vlad Rădulescu, Mădălina Raschip, Răzvan Benchea

Former research groups:

Data Engineering for Constraints Optimization (DECO)

The leader of the DECO group
Univ. Prof. Dr. Cornelius Croitoru

The DECO Group has four research directions:

Members: Emanuel Olariu, Cristian Frasinaru, Mădălina Raschip

Natural Language Processing (NLP-Group@UAIC-FII)

The leader of the NLP group
Univ. Prof. Dr. Dan Cristea

The group is currently involved in: developing computational models for written and spoken language; the development of NLP processing tools for Romanian and English; the development and collection of resources for the Romanian language.
The NLP-Group @ UAIC-FII, led by Prof. Dr. Dan Cristea, includes postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and master's students and several enthusiastic students enrolled in undergraduate studies. The group organizes two traditional events: the EuroLAN summer school and the ConsILR conference.

Members: Adrian Iftene, Corina Forăscu, Diana Trandabăţ, Alex Moruz, Ionut Pistol, Paula Onofrei, and others (see web page for full list).