Andrei Dănilă

Andrei Dănilă

Owner & CEO – Code932

Andrei is the owner and CEO of the Iasi IT company, Code932. This local company develops software in various fields for clients around the world. From biometrics to video streaming platforms, Andrei dared to try some of the most daring projects, together with the team he created around him.

Andrei’s dream is to do everything in his power to change the planet into a better place for future generations.

How does he want to do this? Together with people – after 20 years of experience in management, Andrei is absolutely convinced that great things are done through cooperation, not competition. Hence his involvement and the company he leads in local, collaborative projects with a long-term vision. Fear is the emotion that Andrei does not let take over at any moment, and the development of this skill is accelerated by his passion for enduro and motorcycle rallies.

Involved in several businesses in Romania and abroad, Andrei wants to find the recipe to organize businesses of any kind and wants to do this in an open source system, to share the solutions found with everyone.

Together is better!