Lenuţa Alboaie
Conference: 6-8 Sep 2017, 26th International Conference on Information Systems Development
With the increased use of Internet, governments and large companies store and share massive amounts of personal data in such a way that leaves no space for transparency. Large organizations and institutions are known to be ineffective in data safeguarding, and since these data are extremely valuable, criminal organizations or foreign governments are often effective in their theft. The analysis of executable choreographies and their implementation in the real systems led us to the conclusion that it is possible to increase data privacy by using a different kind of automation made possible by the personal assistant of the future. A possible approach may be employing software systems integrated on a large scale, while the data control may be made by data owners. As it is very laborious to control this access manually, we argue in this paper that the same may be achieved via personal digital assistants working for the data owners. Step by step, these assistants can become the real representatives of the people and the institutions that have legal access to private data management.

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