UEFISCDI in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering announces a new edition of the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship Global (LIF Global) program, a program dedicated to engineering researchers/innovators who develop technological products and who want to start a business or grow their business. 

     LIF Global’s objective is to help participants develop their products and business by providing personalized mentoring, developing new skills and connecting to an international alumni network. In addition to participants from Romania, entrepreneurs from Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, Jordan, Egypt, Colombia and Barbados are accepted into the program in 2023.

Who can apply?

  • applicants must have developed/co-developed, or be in the process of developing/co-developing a technological innovation at TLR 4 level or above;
  • the program is aimed at those who want to turn their product into a successful business;
  • applicants must be able to demonstrate fluency in English.

More details and the full list of eligibility criteria are available here 

Benefits of the program:

  • access to national training programs that will provide the opportunity for participants to come into contact with the local LIF community;
  • access to a UK networking and entrepreneurship program through which participants will be able to access the LIF global network;
  • 1 to 1 sessions with experts in the field;
  • intensive (distance) mentoring program, customized for the needs and goals of each participant;
  • access to the LIF alumni network.

Detailed information about the application process is available by visiting the program page

Deadline for applications: 24 October 2022