The CER Group (Cloud Enhancing Research)

Coordinator: Assoc. Dr. Marc Frincu

The CER (Cloud Enhancing Research) Group deals with resource management issues on distributed systems running Big Data analysis applications. The research group consists of young teachers, master's and doctoral students as well as eminent students in the last year of college. The main directions of study refer to the implementation of parallel algorithms for solving Big Data problems and also the efficiency of task planning on distributed resources taking into account certain aspects such as speed, variability and diversity of data and energy consumption. Areas of publication include smart grids, cloud computing, and algorithm parallelization.

Research directions: Resource management; Big Data analysis on the cloud; machine-learning; smart grids.

The FLAIR Group (Frames, Learning and Approximations in Information Representation)

Coordinator: Assoc. Dr. Darian Onchis

Research directions: Information theory, Frame-based signal and image processing, Learning algorithms, Data approximations, Bio-sequences analysis.

Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing Research Group

Coordinator: Prof. Univ. Dr. Dana Petcu

The Research Group in Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing operates within the Computer Science Research Center of the West University of Timișoara and within the e-Austria Timișoara Institute. The projects of the last five years have focused on the following topics: portability of applications in Cloud environments, launch and monitoring of Cloud and Big Data applications, self-organization and self-administration in HPC Cloud.

Research directions: Distributed systems (Cloud, Grid, Web services); Parallel Calculation (HPC, Cluster).

The Theoretical Informatics Research Group

Coordinator: Assoc. Dr. Gabriel Istrate

The Theoretical Informatics Research Group

Research directions: Probabilistic methods and algorithms; graphs; game theory; calculus theory; symbolic and logical calculation; automated theorem proving; formal languages.

The Computer Science Research Center of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Coordinator: Prof. Univ. Dr. Viorel Negru

The main mission of the ICC activity is the advanced and fundamental applied research in the field of informatics with an emphasis on distributed computing, artificial intelligence, theoretical informatics, computational mathematics and related fields. The center has access to computing infrastructure consisting of a GPU cluster, a Bluegene / P as well as a traditional cluster.

Research directions: Parallel calculus; distributed calculation; artificial intelligence; intelligent computing inspired by nature, theoretical computer science; computational mathematics.

The "Computational intelligence and nature-inspired metaheuristics" Research Group

Coordinator: Prof. Univ. Dr. Daniela Zaharie

The "Computational Intelligence and Nature Inspired Metaheuristics" (“Inteligenţă computaţională şi metaeuristici inspirate de natură”) research group focuses mainly on the analysis of the behavior of nature-inspired metaheuristics (evolutionary algorithms, models based on collective intelligence, etc.) and their use in knowledge extraction. or models from data or in solving planning problems.

Research directions: Current research directions include: the development of hybrid methods for optimization with constraints to solve resource allocation problems; the use of machine learning algorithms in the analysis of satellite images and in the extraction of recommendation rules from data; estimating the parameters of the compartmental models used in immunology.