The “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University from Iași, as a beneficiary, carried out within the Competitiveness Operational Program (POC), Axis 1, Action 1.2.3, starting on 01.09.2016, with a completion date of 31.08.2021, the project with the title: Experimental development in public-private partnership for the creation of local cloud platforms with advanced data protection features, acronym PrivateSky, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

    The objective of the project was the transfer of knowledge resulting from the research activity carried out within the Faculty of Computer Science, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași (UAIC) to the IT industry.

    The new idea introduced by this project is realized through the use of an innovative Cloud architecture, the objective of the project being achieved through the development of the PrivateSky platform, in collaboration with 9 small and medium-sized companies from Iași and Bucharest, and this allowed the creation of 9 innovative industrial products. The PrivateSky platform is used by project partner companies for industrial research and experimental development of products and services.

    Among the results obtained we list:
-Realization of technological transfer to small and medium-sized companies: 8 subsidiary contracts for type C activities (Research services) and 9 subsidiary contracts for type D activities (effective collaboration through industrial research and experimental development) were concluded.
The establishment and final accreditation of the iTransfer Technology Transfer Center (CTT-iT), a financially autonomous research, innovation and technological transfer infrastructure
-Publication of more than 20 scientific papers, some of which were carried out by mixed teams Companies – University
-Submission of 9 specific patent applications for each company involved in the project