Sînică Alboaie, Nicu-Cosmin Ursache, Lenuța Alboaie
Conference: 24th International Conference KES2020, vol. 176, 16-18 Septembre 2020
This article presents new solutions for the difficult problem of data protection. The discussion in our approach will be based on the premise that data needs to be shared between the adequate number of entities under a set of strict rules. In this context, our proposal consists of a suite of privacy and data control focused approaches that become the building blocks for Self-Sovereign Applications (SSApps). SSApps are a new class of applications proposed for the first time in this paper and are aimed to ensure data ownership and proper data control for people and companies. The building blocks for SSApps consist of the insights that the role of blockchain should be reduced to ensure data anchoring of data shared between multiple participants. The blockchain ensures integrity and data provenance but should not be used for storing any private data. Therefore, the data is stored in off-chain storages that are structured in the form of a new approach called Data Sharing Units (DSU or Dossier). A method for performant implementation of SSApps, Dossiers and anchoring is proposed in this article.

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