Cristina-Georgiana Calancea
Published in: International Journal on Optimization and Applications IJOA. Vol. 2, Issue No. 1, Year 2022
Interest in data sharing techniques and tools has been growing consistently over the years, given their goal is to facilitate the cross-sector collaboration of businesses. Automatic mechanisms for data exchange along the economic supply/demand chain are a necessity to ensure the proper development of Business-to-Business (B2B) processes. In this research, an overview over the data sharing techniques and applicability in the enterprise ecosystem is provided. Subsequently, a review of the most representative B2B data sharing software solutions is presented in terms of promised features and technological traits. Their analysis is concluded with a comparison in terms of technical and business requirements, characterized by relevant metrics. The aim is to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of using each alternative in the development of B2B processes and increase awareness towards their particular focuses and properties. Even if the approached tools contribute to the successful development of B2B data sharing processes, shortcomings are identified in terms of security, privacy, data modelling and data governance techniques. As a result, further research is needed to improve such systems into a generally applicable software solution.

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