Alexandru-Gabriel Cristea, Lenuta Alboaie, Andrei Panu, Vlad Radulescu
Conference: 24th International Conference KES2020, vol. 176, pp. 1606-1612, 16-18 Septembre 2020
InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) with its specific features is a novelty to the data distribution area. In this article we are analyzing this filesystem/protocol and we will conduct a parallel study based on the comparison to other distributed file systems (DFSs) and to HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). IPFS provides efficient data storage and distribution, data permanence, offline-oriented paradigms, and no-central-administration feature. Furthermore, we will employ an applied example in order to prove the strengths of IPFS, which is an Android based system that was implemented with the goal of helping people during emergency situations, in case when no access to the global Internet connectivity is available. The application has IPFS as the core system of distribution and messages propagation. Overall, we prove that the vision and the architecture of the Internet can be significantly improved in the (near) future if developers and engineers take into consideration and start to use the massive amount of modern, efficient existing technologies.

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